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Argentina Calling Cards - Choose the Best Phone Card to Call Argentina

Now it is very easy to make an international phone call to Argentina. Our online shop offers cheap calling cards to call Argentina from the USA as well as from any other country in the world. more

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calling area - map of Argentina
Phone Cards for Specific Destinations:
How to make an international call to Argentina from USA:

Dial the Access Number + Enter your PIN + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

For example, if you want to make an international phone call to La Plata here is how your dialing sequence will look:

Access # + PIN + 011 + 54 + 221 + Tel #

Country Code for Calling Argentina: 54

Dialing Codes for Argentina Cities
(Telephone Area Codes):
Avellaneda 776, Azul 281, Bahia Blan 291, Buenos Aires 11, Catamarca 833, Chilvilcoy 341, Comodoro Rivadavia 967, Cordoba 351, Cordoba 352, Formosa 717, General Sa 925, La Plata 121, Las Flores 244, Mar Del Pl 123, Mendoza 261, Mendoza 361, Merlo 1220, Moreno 228, Neuquen 943, Parana 43, Quilmes 651, Rio Cuarto 586, Resistencia 722, Rio Cuarto 58, Rosario 341, Salta 87, San Juan 364, San Miguel 81, San Nicola 461, San Rafael 3627, San Salvador 882, Santa Fe 342, Tandil 1293, Villa Maria 531

Country Information

Telephone system:
- general assessment: Argentina encouraged the growth of modern telecommunications technology; fiber-optic cable trunk lines are being installed between all major cities; the major networks are entirely digital and the availability of telephone service is improving; fixed-line telephone density is gradually increasing reaching nearly 25 lines per 100 people in 2006; mobile telephone density has been increasing rapidly and has reached a level of 80 telephones per 100 persons
- domestic: microwave radio relay, fiber-optic cable, and a domestic satellite system with 40 earth stations serve the trunk network; more than 110,000 pay telephones are installed and mobile telephone use is rapidly expanding; broadband services are gaining ground
- international: country calling code - 54; landing point for the Atlantis-2, UNISUR, and South America-1 optical submarine cable systems that provide links to Europe, Africa, South and Central America, and US; satellite earth stations - 112; 2 international gateways near Buenos Aires (2007).

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