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Long Distance Services

  • Long Distance Phone Services Comparison - Long Distance Rates Comparison Chart to help the consumer compare rates and save on their phone bills.
  • AT&T Long Distance - Whether you're currently an AT&T customer or would like to become one, you can sign up for one of our long distance calling plans. Compare Long Distance Plans to find the plan that's best for you.
  • LONG-DISTANCE Products & Services - Residential Long Distance with Qwest Choice Unlimited. Add international plans: Qwest Choice International, 10 Cents to Mexico, and Unlimited Canada.
  • Compare Long Distance Telephone Plans - A long distance phone plan cost comparison and money saving site with objective telephone information about service, carrier, rate provider and company.
  • Quality Cheap Long Distance Service - Cheap Long Distance service with no minimum usage requirements and 100 free minutes. Also offering stand alone toll-free service and 800 numbers.
  • CREDO Long Distance - With CREDO Long Distance, every call you make helps support progressive causes like human rights, the environment and voter registration – at no extra cost to you.
  • Long Distance Calling Cards - Cheap calling cards for long distance phone calls. No connection fee, no hidden charges.

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