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Cingular Cell Phone Recharge /Refill/ Card

Cingular wireless airtime instant refill

  • The card is valid for use with GoPhones:
    Pay-As-You-Go, KIC, Cingular Prepaid, Free2Go service.
  • Server subject to KIC prepaid Terms & Conditions.

  • $15 pin expires in 30 days from activation date.
  • $25 pin expires in 90 days from activation date.
  • Account balance forfeited at expiration date.
  • If account has zero balance for 60 days after expiration, it will be terminated.

  • Card is non-refundable, non-returnable or exchangeable.
  • No cash or surrender value.

Customer Service

Cingular: 1-800-901-9878

Payment questions only:
Activation Instructions

  • Dial 611 from your cellphone
    Dial 1-800-361-1265 from other phones
    Dial #777 if-CA, NV, WA, ID or New York City customers
  • Follow the instructions to add pin value to account.

Cingular Terms & Conditions:

All AWS cards are subject to an expiration period ($15 card = 30 days, $25 card = 90 days, $50 card = 90 days, $100 card = 180 days) upon the loading of the refill minutes.

Cingular/AWS Prepaid accounts will be canceled 60 days after expiration. Unused account balance is forfeited at expiration date. A service activation fee and new wireless phone number will be required to reactivate service.

Peak is defined as 7AM - 9PM Weekdays and Off-Peak is defined as 9PM - 7AM Weekdays and ALL Weekend.

The described local rates apply on calls originating and terminating within your designated regional coverage area. Call must originate from the Cingular/AWS local calling area to receive posted rates. Rates apply to Cingular/AWS Wireless customers only. Rates shown are cost per minute.

Free calls: 611 automated assistance, #10, #20 and 911 emergency. 611, #10 and #20 are only available in Cingular/AWS extended coverage area.

Outside this area, use 800-901-9878 to reach Automated Assistance. 900 numbers are not available. When roaming outside your designated regional coverage area, you can place and receive calls (in available cities) and retrieve Voice Mail messages for $0.95/minute. Some customers may be serviced by Roamer Plus services when placing telephone calls from outside the local coverage area. These phone calls are charged at $1.95/min.

Directory assistance is $1.29 plus airtime.

International long-distance charges are in addition to regular airtime charges. Calling to some countries may not be available.

Cingular/AWS cards are nontransferable and nonrefundable and may only be used with Cingular/AWS Prepaid Wireless plans.

Airtime is billed in one-minute increments. Per-minute charges apply on Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling and Voice Mail deposits and retrievals.

Advanced digital features are not available in all markets. Caller ID and Text Messaging service require a digital handset. A $0.10/message charge applies for any text message or info alert sent or received. Ringtones and Games are $0.99 per download and are not available on all handsets; Cingular/AWS Wireless Text Messaging and landline Internet access required. See terms and conditions for Ringtones and Games at

A fee applies on all rate plan changes.

All service is subject to the Cingular/AWS Terms and Conditions. KIC is a service mark of Cingular Wireless, LLC. Cingular Wireless is a registered trademark.

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