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Zaire Calling Cards - Choose the Best Phone Card to Call Zaire

Now it is very easy to make an international phone call to Zaire. Our online shop offers cheap calling cards to call Zaire from the USA as well as from any other country in the world. more

Best Phone Card for Short Calls

(1-2 minutes)

Best Card for Long Phone Calls

(more than 3 minutes)
AT&T Global
155.0 ¢/min

No Connection Fee
Rounding: 1 minute
Best card for short international calls

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AT&T Global
155.0 ¢/min

No Connection Fee
Rounding: 1 minute
Best card for long international phone calls

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calling area - map of Zaire
Phone Cards for Specific Destinations:
How to make an international call to Zaire from USA:

Dial the Access Number + Enter your PIN + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

For example, if you want to make an international phone call to Kinshasa here is how your dialing sequence will look:

Access # + PIN + 011 + 243 + 12 + Tel #

Country Code for Calling Zaire: 243

Dialing Codes for Zaire Cities
(Telephone Area Codes):
Congolese 81, Kinshasa 12, Katanga 2, Lubumbashi 222, Bas-Congo, Bandundu 3, Kasai-Oriental, Kasai-Occidental 4, Province Orientale 5, Nord-Kivu, Sud-Kivu, Maniema 6

Country Information

Telephone system:
- general assessment: Inadequate; state-owned fixed-line operator has been unable to expand fixed-line connections and there are now fewer than 10,000 connections; given the backdrop of a wholly inadequate fixed-line infrastructure, the use of cellular services has surged and subscribership now exceeds 4 million - roughly 7 per 100 persons
- domestic: barely adequate wire and microwave radio relay service in and between urban areas; domestic satellite system with 14 earth stations
- international: country calling code - 243; satellite earth station - 1 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean) (2007).

More information about Zaire

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