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Uzbekistan Calling Cards - Choose the Best Phone Card to Call Uzbekistan

Now it is very easy to make an international phone call to Uzbekistan. Our online shop offers cheap calling cards to call Uzbekistan from the USA as well as from any other country in the world. more

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calling area - map of Uzbekistan

Phone Cards for Specific Destinations:
How to make an international call to Uzbekistan from USA:

Dial the Access Number + Enter your PIN + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

For example, if you want to make an international phone call to Tashkent here is how your dialing sequence will look:

Access # + PIN + 011 + 998 + 71 + Tel #

Country Code for Calling Uzbekistan: 998

Dialing Codes for Uzbekistan Cities
(Telephone Area Codes):
Andijan 74, Bukara 65, Djizak 72, Ferghana 73, Kashkadaria 75, Karakalpakia 61, Khorezm 62, Samarkand 66, Surkhandaria 76, Syrdariya 67, Tashkent 71

Country Information

Telephone system:
- general assessment: antiquated and inadequate; in serious need of modernization
- domestic: the main line telecommunications system is dilapidated; the state-owned telecom company, Uzbektelecom, is using a US$110 million loan from the Japanese government to improve main line services; mobile services are growing swiftly, with the subscriber base doubling in 2005 to 1.1 million; there are 6 main cellular providers currently in operation
- international: country calling code - 998; linked by landline or microwave radio relay with CIS member states and to other countries by leased connection via the Moscow international gateway switch; after the completion of the Uzbek link to the Trans-Asia-Europe (TAE) fiber-optic cable, Uzbekistan will be independent of Russian facilities for international communications (2006).

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