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Colombia Calling Cards - Choose the Best Phone Card to Call Colombia

Now it is very easy to make an international phone call to Colombia. Our online shop offers cheap calling cards to call Colombia from the USA as well as from any other country in the world. more

Best Phone Card for Short Calls

(1-2 minutes)

Best Card for Long Phone Calls

(3-60 minutes)
Jet Connect
2.9 ¢/min

No Connection Fee
Rounding: 1 minute
Best card for short international calls

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Jet Connect
2.9 ¢/min

No Connection Fee
Rounding: 1 minute
Best card for long international phone calls

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Best Calling Card for Very Long Calls

(longer than 60 minutes)
Clear Talk
2.6 ¢/min

Connection Fee: 20 ¢
Rounding: 3 minutes
Best card for very long phone calls

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calling area - map of Colombia
Phone Cards for Specific Destinations: How to make an international call to Colombia from USA:

Dial the Access Number + Enter your PIN + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

For example, if you want to make an international phone call to Bogota here is how your dialing sequence will look:

Access # + PIN + 011 + 57 + 1 + Tel #

Country Code for Calling Colombia: 57

Dialing Codes for Colombia Cities
(Telephone Area Codes):
Armenia 60, Barranquila 53, Bogota 1, Bucaramanga 76, Cali 2, Cartagena 59, Cartago 66, Cucuta 70, Giradot 832, Ibague 82, Manizales 69, Medellin 4, Neiva 80, Palmira 31, Pereira 61, Santa Marta 56, Villavicencio 86

Country Information

Colombia was one of the three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others are Ecuador and Venezuela). A 40-year conflict between government forces and anti-government insurgent groups and illegal paramilitary groups - both heavily funded by the drug trade - escalated during the 1990s. The insurgents lack the military or popular support necessary to overthrow the government, and violence has been decreasing since about 2002, but insurgents continue attacks against civilians and large swaths of the countryside are under guerrilla influence. More than 32,000 former paramilitaries had demobilized by the end of 2006 and the United Self Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) as a formal organization had largely ceased to function. Still, some renegades continued to engage in criminal activities. The Colombian Government has stepped up efforts to reassert government control throughout the country, and now has a presence in every one of its municipalities. However, neighboring countries worry about the violence spilling over their borders.

More information about Colombia

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