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Placing a Call

How do I place a call
To place a phone call you dial the Free Access Number, enter your "PIN" number, then you'll be prompted to enter the phone number you want to call. For more details see instructions for your prepaid phone card(s).

Access Number(s)
Read instructions that you got with a PIN(s) for a phone card(s) you purchased to find an Access Number(s). If a calling card you purchased has the Local Access Number(s), see card's details to find a Local Access Number in specific area.

Can I call from a cell phone?
Yes. You can call from a cell phone and from any touch-tone telephone.

Calling to a cell phone
Check the cell phone rates if you are going to call to cell phone destination. For most countries a cell phone rate is higher than a land line rate. To find cell phone rates select a "Country-CELL". If you cannot find cell phone rate call Customer Service for assistance.

Calling from a payphone
If you place a call from a payphone surcharges will apply. See phone card's details for exact amount for specific card.

Calling from Alaska/Hawaii/Dominican Republic/US Virgin Islands/Canada
Please select an appropriate option from a scroll bar "From-Country", and see details for a calling card to find an Access Number you need.

Connectivity & Connection quality
Please call Card's Customer Service you purchased. Please have your PIN ready. You can find Card's Customer Service numbers in the PIN letter.

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