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Selecting a Phone Card

How do I find the best phone card  for me?
A card with the lowest rate is not always the best one! Read the description for each phone card (Details).
- For a short term use the cards with the lowest rates are recommended (usually they have weekly or biweekly maintenance fee). For a long term use we suggest the calling cards with NO maintenance fee.
- Check cell phone rates if you are going to call to a cell phone number.
- Pay attention if a prepaid phone card has Local and Toll Free Access Numbers. Rates are usually higher when you use a Toll Free Access Number. See phone card's details to find Local Access Number in specific area.
- If you are a First time buyer, try to make your first purchase during Customer Service business hours. Call Customer Service for assistance if you have any questions or problems.

What if I call few different countries?
You can usually use the same phone card for any domestic or international destination. After you select the desired destination you'll see the phone cards ranked according to the best rate. For several destinations check the rates for each destination and buy an appropriate calling card.
A card with the best rate to one country can still have low rates to other countries.

Can I purchase a prepaid phone card to call to the USA from overseas?
Condor, Fast Connect, Solaris, TravelCall and AT&T Card are the best phone cards for calling from foreign countries to the United States as well as from one foreign country to another. Please see details for these prepaid phone cards online.

For how long is my phone card valid?
The expiration period on our phone cards vary from 3 months since activation (first call) to unlimited expiration period (Permanent PIN) (at least one recharge in 9 or 10 months required). Please view calling card's details for information regarding specific card.

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