Falkland Isl. calling cards and phone cards to Falkland Isl.-CELL from USA.

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Best Falkland Isl.-CELL Calling Cards & Falkland Isl.-CELL Phone Cards from USA

For Short Calls

(1-2 minutes)

For Long Calls

(more than 3 minutes)
AT&T Global
255.0 ¢/min

Best calling card to Falkland Isl.-CELL for short calls from USA

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Golden Wave
74.4 ¢/min
for Local Access

Best Falkland Isl.-CELL phone card for long calls from USA

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Falkland Isl. Dialing Code: 500   Dialing Instructions

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  74.4 ¢

Golden Wave Card
Golden Wave

No Connection Charge
Rounding - 3 minutes
Speed Dial
Local Access

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  255.0 ¢

AT&T Card

No Connection Charge
No Maintenance Fee
Rounding - 1 minute

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Special Note: Rates are shown in cents per minute. In order to get the rates listed, you must use local access numbers (if available). Additional 1-2 ¢ per minute will be added for using toll-free access numbers.

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Customer Service: From USA 1-800-219-6993; International 1-617-861-4107  (9:30AM-9PM EST)

  United States telephone system - domestic: a large system of fiber-optic cable, microwave radio relay, coaxial cable, and domestic satellites carries every form of telephone traffic; a rapidly growing cellular system carries mobile telephone traffic throughout the country; international: country code - 1; multiple ocean cable systems provide international connectivity; satellite earth stations - 61 Intelsat (45 Atlantic Ocean and 16 Pacific Ocean), 5 Intersputnik (Atlantic Ocean region), and 4 Inmarsat (Pacific and Atlantic Ocean regions) (2011).

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